St. Andrews Night

St. Andrews Night and traditional wax melting LANIE WOSKU:

Step 1: Use small (cheap) candles, make sure you remove the metal cover first, split the candle in half and get rid of the wick.


Step 2: Place the candle in a pot (an old or used one) and put it on a very low heat to melt the wax – it’ll look like water, don’t simmer or boil it!


Step 3: Take the pot off the heat and pour the melted wax through a hole (it ought to be a key hole) into a bucket/ bowl with cold water – leave the shapes to set.


Step 4: Ready made shapes – use them or the shadows they cast to predict the future, it’s a Polish tradition for the St. Andrew night (29th to 30th Nov) – other countries following this tradition include parts of Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania.



This one looks like a baby cot, a Donald Duck’s head or an armchair – hard to decide, but I think I will go with the chair which might mean …. prosperity – why? Well, because at the end of the day, we all like hearing positive things :)

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