It’s a special day, the 6th December which means that all the Poles & friends/ families are celebrating Mikołajki/ St Nicholas Day, a chance to get your pre Christmas gift (if you were good that is). Here’s our morning prezzies session – more info and entertainment on the show on Sunday & Monday on two incredible community stations in the South West – Bradley Stoke Radio and Somer Valley FM.
Traditionally, the Santa leaves the presents (small gifts on the 6th Dec) under the pillow (in some northern parts of Poland, in a shoe). If you were a well behaved person, if not – you’re getting a rozga – a little broom stick.
My secret Santa knew my travelling schedule well, so he left the bag on a chair in the kitchen. Easy to spot when packing my lunch bag :)
It’s time to unwrap the presents – excitement in the early hours.
And that’s what the Santa has brought us this year for Mikołajki, the annual pre Christmas presents experience :)
Ho Ho Ho!!! Wesołych Świąt – Merry Christmas!

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