Poles Aloud Show – 12th & 14th April 2015

In the first part of the show we’re talking about the anniversary of the Smolensk plane crash (10-04-2010) and explain why all the Polish elite was flying over to Katyn. This tragedy initially united the Poles, but just few weeks after the mourning the opinions on Russians’ involvement and conspiracy theories divided the country till this day.

We’re going to hear from Anna, born and brought up in the UK to Polish parents and Paul, a teenager who came over to Britain after 2004, as they share their views and feelings on the Smolensk plane crash (the interviews were recorded a few days after the tragedy, in 2010).


Polish symbols and traditions – we’re adding another one to this rich and expanding list and this time it’s white stork (bocian). They’ve been known in the Polish folk culture for centuries and we’re looking at some of the myths and legends behind this Polish icon. Check out the village where there are more white storks than the locals. “One in four (storks) is Polish”, we’re looking behind the statistics to reveal sad truth about the declining number of white storks in Poland.

Polish presidential elections – Sun 10-05-15, link to the voters’ registration and venues where you can vote across the UK.

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