Poles Aloud Show – 7th & 9th Feb 2016

Forget the calorie count or the basic principles of healthy eating and indulge yourself with the pancakes as we’re celebrating Shrove Tuesday, a bit skinnier cousin of Polish Fat Thursday (think yummy doughnuts). But what do Poles put in their pancakes? You’d be surprised. So tune in to find out more.


Also on the show, we’re looking at an article predicting the future of Europe and listing out Poland as one of its success stories.

Plus our standard blocks including headlines from Poland, World Weird Web (bizarre, wonderful and strange news from around the world) and Polish for beginners (teaching you a word or two of Polish).

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Somer Valley FM – every Sunday at 5pm (97.5 FM)

Bradley Stoke Radio (BSR) – every Tuesday at 1pm (103.4 FM), repeated Sundays at 1pm.

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