Poles Aloud Show – 15th & 17th March 2015

In Britain we celebrate the Mothering Sunday on 15th March this year, in Poland it’s still a while to go before the chocolates and flowers are handed out to mums – Dzień Matki is an annual affair always celebrated on 26th May. Much better weather prospects 😉

mothers day



Today we’re going to introduce you to a Polish phrase “Matka Polka” (Mother Poland) and try to explain its ambivalent connotation in the Polish language and social life.

Another important date in May this year is Saturday 23rd May – the finale of the Eurovision Song Contest, we can’t wait! Seriously. So, we’re going to discuss the English and Polish entries for this year and what chances they have for a victory (let’s hope better than last year).

All that with our standard blocks “World Weird Web” & Polish for beginners and plenty of music – stay tuned.

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