Poles Aloud Show – 13th & 15th Sept.

Exciting times on Poles Aloud today – we’ve got the winner of Bradley Stoke’s Got Music singing her winning song for us. Julia Barela is a young aspiring singer of Polish origin, who came to the UK with her parents at the age of two. We’re going to hear Julia singing the Christina Perri song “Jar of hearts” and find out about how she copes with life in both cultures and languages.


Julia Barela at the Bradley Stoke Carnival

In the second part of the show we’re going to share with you a Polish wedding tradition that’s experienced some transformation in recent years. So if you’re invited to a Polish wedding anytime soon, you might want to take a notice of this one.

There will also be our usual blocks of Headlines from Poland (current news from politics, sport, economy and culture), World Weird Web (bizarre, funny and strange news from around the world) and Polish for Beginners (teaching you a word or two of Polish).

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