Poles Aloud 2013

A variety of Polish music under one roof at Colston Hall’s foyer

Katy Carr is a singer, musician, songwriter and aviator. She has released four albums (her fourth album is called Paszport). She’s a multi instrumentalist variously playing a vintage electric Wurlitzer piano, ukulele and banjolele which feature on her recordings with her group, Katy Carr and the Aviators.

Born in Nottingham to a Polish mother and a Scottish English father, Katy’s proud of her bilingual heritage and happy playing for the local community in Bristol on 10th February.

Local Polish & English bands

The veterans of the Bristol music venues will rock you to some of the favourite English tunes. Asspirin’s English lead singer together with his Polish companions played last year at Poles Aloud and were an instant hit.

Asspirin’s playing the classic rock lineup and are currently performing covers. These are a few of them: Summer of 69 -Bryan Adams, Living on a prayer – Bon Jovi, Jailhouse Rock Elvis, Twist and shout- The Beatles, Highway to hell- AC/DC, Simply the best- Tina Turner, Billy Jean- Michael Jackson. So make sure that you put your dancing shoes on!


Golden Wind – A local Polish band performing some of the most beloved hits of Polish music, will get your feet moving.

Świst – From the heart of the Polish mountains straight into upbeat Bristol – Świst will play some of the traditional Highlanders tunes with lots of violin and a forceful voice of Mirka, the lead singer.

DJ Fazii – A Polish music producer (FZG Records) based in Bristol supporting local talent.

Maestro – A local Polish hip hop performer.

PL Band – Carrying on the good vibes of rock, they’ll make you jump and dance all night long.

A feast for your eyes

On the first floor of the Colston Hall you’ll be able to see some of the art work that Bristol based Poles produce ranging from photography, through to ceramics and onto crochet.

This year’s artists displaying their work include (in alphabetical order): Kasia Cierpial-Sims, Patrycja Fellowes, Kamila Kawka, Artur Lesniak, Marta Pluta, Krzysztof Rzeszut, Dagmara Surus and Dorota Wolk.

Some of the art work at Poles Aloud 2012

Some of the art work at Poles Aloud 2012

Language Corner

Why should I learn a language? Good Question! Pop in to our language corner at Colston Hall to find out why it’s useful to be able to speak more than 1 language.

The limits of my language are the limits of my universe

(Ludwig Wittgenstein)

Poles Aloud is a great opportunity to learn some basic Polish and use it in practise.

Here are some useful phrases:

English expression

Polish translation

Sounds like

Good morning

Dzień dobry

dzhehn dobri

Hi/ Hello



Good afternoon

Dobry wieczór

dobri vyehchoor

Good night



Good bye

Do widzenia

do veedzehnah


Cześć / Pa

Cheshch/ pah

See you later

Do zobaczenia

do zobahchehnah

It’s nice to meet you

Miło mi

meewo mee

Excuse me












Thank you



That’s all right

W porządku


I’m sorry



How do you do

Jak się masz

yahk syeh mash

I understand



Please say that again

Proszę to powtórzyć

prosheh to poftoozhitsh


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