About us

Every Sunday at 5pm on Somer Valley FM & Tuesday at 1pm on Bradley Stoke Radio

Meet Michael and Magda Bond, an English-Polish couple who are passionate about the community radio.With over 6 years of radio experience on a Bristol’s community radio station and an annual festival promoting Polish culture, music and art they will bring you a fresh and unique perspective on the Eastern Europeans living next door.


A weekly Sunday show will usually include:

* News and updates from Poland

* Coverage of local Polish-English events

* People’s stories: how do we really get on, stories of Polish migrants who came to UK, stories of English ex-pats, who took on the challenge of living in a non-English speaking countries, dual heritage, bilingual families, Polish-English relationships

* Polish music – sang in Polish or English by Polish artists, ranging from classical rock tunes, through folk and onto the modern pop and indie scene

* Polish for beginners – basic phrases that will allow you to mingle with Poles whether on holidays in Poland or shopping in one of the Polish shops in UK, served in small chunks on a weekly basis are ideal for a beginner getting by

* Focus on Europe – the big bad wolf aka the European Union, we’re not afraid of a powerful social agenda
Contact us on info@polesaloud.com, join on facebook or twitter.
Do usłyszenia!

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  1. I present ‘Same Roots, Different Fruits’ each Monday between 7pm -9pm on Somer Valley FM and my wife and I also enjoy your show. We have a Polish daughter-in-law, I love Polish folk music and polkas and would love to get hold of some CDs to play on my show. If you can help, I’d be most grateful. Kind regards – BRYAN

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