About us

Poles Aloud started off as an event brought to you by the award winning community radio station BCfm, Polish-English radio show Radiowski, students’ association PolSoc and the Colston Hall venue.

Now Poles Aloud exists on its own as a weekly Radio Show on Somer Valley FM and Bradley Stoke FM. Tune in to Somer Valley FM on Sundays at 5pm and Bradley Stoke Radio on Tuesdays at 1pm to listen to our weekly show.

PolSoc is a student association at the University of Bristol, which aims to present the idea of contemporary Poland to people living in the Bristol area, organise events, trips, visits and parties, usually (but not always) related to the Polish culture and help Polish students in the UK.

PolSoc students and guests during one of the Polish Food Nights

Colston Hall is one of the best music venues in the South West of England and offers wide range of musical experiences – check out what’s on!

One thought on “About us

  1. I present ‘Same Roots, Different Fruits’ each Monday between 7pm -9pm on Somer Valley FM and my wife and I also enjoy your show. We have a Polish daughter-in-law, I love Polish folk music and polkas and would love to get hold of some CDs to play on my show. If you can help, I’d be most grateful. Kind regards – BRYAN

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