Poles Aloud Show – 4th & 6th October

An interview with James Ewen from CineMe inviting all film enthusiasts to a Wednesday night screening of Polish short films. “The night will include Polish short film animations, drama, documentary, with a mix of current films and some from the past.” Free entry!


Been suffering with a cold recently? Some of us have. How do Poles deal with coughs and sneezes? Polish grandmas know the best and we’ll share their best tips with you.

Interested in Poles and their attitude towards health and health service? Check out Magda’s piece Polish Outlooks for Astute Radio to find out more.

And as usual; headlines from Poland, World Weird Web (bizarre, wonderful and strange news from around the world) and Polish for beginners (teaching you a word or two of Polish).

To listen to the show click on the stations’ names below:

Somer Valley FM – every Sunday at 5pm (97.5 FM)

Bradley Stoke Radio (BSR) – every Tuesday at 1pm (103.4 FM), repeated Sundays at 1pm.

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*ELECTION – Polish parliamentary election is happening soon (Sun 25-10-15). Any Poles eligible to vote need to register first, follow this link and pass on the message to any of your Polish friends & relatives – dzięki!