Poles Aloud Show 30

Every Sunday at 5pm on Somer Valley FM & Monday at 1pm on Bradley Stoke Radio 

“Life in the UK” test – how easy or hard is it to pass the test, which is one of the requirements for the British citizenship. Revision, helpful guide books and the 45 minutes to answer 24 questions on the British history and culture. Scary!


Eurovision 2014 – we’re looking forward to the finals next week in Copenhagen and in the meantime discussing chances of winning for Poland and Great Britain. For any Eurovision enthusiasts out there, follow #JoinUs on twitter to get the latest updates.

10 years on – last week we started talking about Poland joining EU back in 2004 and today we carry on discussing the advantages and disadvantages of this move.

Plus the usual mix of news, music and language (Polish for beginners) – check us out on facebook & twitter.