Poles Aloud Show 29

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Phil Gibbons reporting from the St. Peter’s Square, where the canonisation of John Paul II and John XXIII is taking place, with the emphasis on the Polish pilgrims who flooded the Vatican.

Polish Vatican

Polish pilgrim in Vatican. Photo by Phil Gibbons.

It’ll be 10 years this week (Thu 01/05/14) since Poland joined European Union and was allowed free movement rights across the borders. We’re looking at those past years and what Poland’s achieved in that time. Magda has spoken to 3 Polish women about their stories of coming over and settling in in the UK and you will be able to hear the recording on Polish Outlooks at Astute Radio later this week (Thu 01/05/14).

European Elections – why it’s important to take part and cast your vote, details on the voting system and useful links & updates.

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