Poles Aloud show 19

Every Sunday at 5pm on Somer Valley FM & Monday at 1pm on Bradley Stoke Radio 

How to beat a cold? A very up to date topic for a lot of people at this time of the year (including our presenters), so we’re hoping to share some useful but mostly utterly bizarre cold remedies as according to a Polish babcia (granny). Think about sticking a garlic clove up your nose, plus many more.

Sochi 2014 equals success and that’s for both Polish and British teams (thrilled about the mutual accomplishments). We’re looking at the medal table and stories of hard working individuals behind the glitzy fame of last few days.

EU representative in Bristol – We went to László Andor‘s lecture on “Labour Migration in the European Union. The Inconvenient Truth” and will share an audio clip from his facts packed speech. You can also read the whole lecture here.


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