Ka-Ching Podkarpacie style

WP_000330The West ultimately came to Rzeszow/ Podkarpacie in the presence of huge shopping malls and cinema complexes.

Big brands (and high prices) on one hand and taste of the Western life on the other attract many people from Podkarpacie into the temple of decadent capitalism – Millenum Hall. In places like this an average Kowalska (an equivalent to UK’s average Smith) from Podkarpacie can spend her lifetime’s savings just to fit in with the current fashion style. A few stories high building is home not only to international clothing stores and cinema complexes but also to numerous bars and coffee places.

However, inadequate prices to the income of an average Kowalski made window shopping one of the favourite past times for many Podkarpacie residents coming from outside of Rzeszow. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely good to see my little homeland catching up with the West, but it’d be even better to see more work places and opportunities set up in Podkarpacie so that people could afford shopping in this capital of shops and supermarkets.

WP_000378On a positive note – Millenium Hall caught my attention for a different reason altogether. The outside area has a huge (yes, size matters) screen, where the local residents gather to watch sport and music events broadcast live.

Sitting in comfy deck chairs, sipping on cold drinks and enjoying the hot Polish summer they get a glimpse of Western style holidays and the kids get wet in the near by fountain. Looked like loads of fun!

On how to get to Rzeszow/ Podkarpacie check out Wikitravel and the local airport Jasionka.

This article has been initially written for Radiowski and published on the radiowski.com website on 11th August 2012. The radio show Radiowski stopped broadcasting in September 2013 and became Poles Aloud.