Poles Aloud show 16

Every Sunday at 5pm on Somer Valley FM & Monday at 1pm on Bradley Stoke Radio 

Celebrated for her poems by Poles, and pushed away because of the fame she gained by her native Romani people – Papusza (Bronisława Wajs). We’re exploring the Polish-Romani poet and talking about the recent film depicting her intriguing yet tragic life.

EU elections – May 2014 is the time to cast the vote for your choice of an MEP. Who can vote and where, how does the EU voting system differ from the typical British one and why should the anti-immigrant parties start being nice to the EU migrants?

Update on the New Year’s resolutions – what, you haven’t got one yet? Shame on you – everyone fancies a challenge, why not try how far can you go this year. Who knows, you might actually succeed! Michael’s learning to juggle and Magda’s on a mission of reading more books to boost up the reading levels of her natives.

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 “In War and in Peace – Poles Who Came to the West Country”. The event will take place on Tuesday 28th January 2014 in The Apostle Room at Clifton Cathedral commencing at 7-30pm. The Lord Mayor of Bristol, Councillor Faruk Choudhury will be present at this important event. Copies of the book will be available for collection by contributors and purchase by others.